I thought it would be a nice way to start the WEbloggerS by telling my story on how I got to now and the goals I’m yet to achieve.

Almost five years ago I started my entrepreneurship journey with my husband Lewis. We both left good jobs to pursue a dream that we had to start a business that combined our passion for four-wheel driving and nature. 

What began as a dream turned into a journey of self discovery.

I’m now a mum to three boys, Finn, Cooper, James will be four this October and Hyde our furbaby turned five last month and a week after Hyde’s birthday Lewis turned 34. Lewis is my husband but sometimes I feel like he’s a child.

WEbloggerS is my new baby and I’m so excited to create a company which is based on my values, principles and passion. I’m passionate about Marketing, Family & Nature. This business ticks these three boxes.

I’ve always been passionate about Marketing. When I was at high school the first assignment in which I excelled at was on Advertising. I fell into sales from a young age but marketing was an important tool for me as a sales person and it made me confident in my pitch when I had marketing material to confirm what I said was true and correct.

I’m passionate about family. I didn’t know it at the time that I was pregnant when I resigned from my corporate lifestyle. One of the motivators to quit our jobs was to spend more time with our border collie Hyde but then we were blessed with Finn too. Even tho it’s been challenging starting a business and family all at the same time it has paid off. 

We’ve created businesses which now work in with family life #balance.

I love helping people. Now that I’ve helped my husband create two family businesses I’m excited to help content writers or small businesses and entrepreneurs with their placement of content and its monetization by applying the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt get our own service based businesses organic traffic and new customers! The best way to grow organically is by having a digital presence because your customers are online! The best way to build a brand is online. 

Share your story of building a business and you will create a community of loyal supporters and customers.

If my story resonates with you and you’d like to collaborate then you’ll be pleased to know I offer a 40-minute consultation free of charge for new clients. See below for a range of services that I can help you with:

  • Business Strategy – marketing plan, elevator pitch & coaching
  • Branding – let me help you tell your own story
  • Content Creation for Digital & Social Media – website development; copy & SEO, email direct marketing, social media development and management
  • Outside The Box Marketing – Social Impact, Ethical Marketing, Sustainability
  • Digital Marketing for Service Based Businesses
  • Digital Marketing for Medium & Small Businesses
  • Digital Marketing for Family Businesses
  • Digital Marketing for Couples in Business